Meet the Committee

Amy Stephens

I’m originally from Yeovil, although I lived in Manchester for 6 years so I say /ba/ not /b/! I did a linguistics degree up there, then worked as a resource-maker in a paediatric SLT department while trying unsuccessfully to get on to the Masters course. Eventually I decided to go for undergraduate instead and came down here last year. I’m really glad I did because this course is full of awesome people and I’m really looking forward to getting to know more of you through the society. I absolutely love this course because it’s such a great mix of science, language, and psychology, plus you get to make a real difference to people’s lives. I wouldn’t swap it for anything else in the world. I spend my spare time being a total geek – watching sci-fi, listening to indie, playing Scrabble and going to Skeptics in the Pub (which is brilliant and you should come!)

Amanda Evans

I’m from Cardiff and a second year 🙂 My first degree was in English language from Cardiff University and luckily I came across SLT in one of my modules. I’m so glad I did because I LOVE it. The society aims to bring everyone together which I think is really important and useful especially when the year groups are so small. The addition of a website means we can create an SLT community and have all the latest events etc. in one place where everyone can read about them. We are looking for feedback so if you want something, tell us about it! And if we are doing something and you don’t want it let us know that too!! 🙂

Louise Allen

I’m originally from Scotland but I’m not Scottish (despite my rhoticity on occasion)! I did a medieval history degree in St Andrews but always knew I wanted to work with kids somehow. After two years running a children’s department in a shoe shop I decided I needed to do something worthwhile…and found myself doing speech therapy in Cardiff 🙂
Outside uni, I love baking, rock & metal, reading and working at the Disney Store!

Catherine Lye

I started the Speech Therapy course over 2 years ago following a brief stint at Bradford Uni. Since then I’ve tried embracing the ‘healthy living’ thing they’ve got going on around here and been a member at my local gym and a regular at exercise classes – I’ll soon finish my personal Trainer NVQ er…u know, keep a look out for me with my whistle! I’ve also volunteered for Oxfam Boutique in town since the store opened two years ago and work at the Millennium Stadium.
I’m really pleased a society has been set up – with it being such a small year group it’s nice to think we all have the opportunity to integrate outside of Uni hours and hopefully raise the overall profile of our course and Speech Therapy as a profession. Anything you want, just let us know!

Laura Howells

I’m a cardiffian and my first degree was in English language at Cardiff uni. It was during my first degree that I was introduced to communication disorders and speech therapy. I was inspired by seeing the improvements SLT’s could make to people’s quality of life by helping them overcome their communication difficulties. I did some research and found UWIC’s SLT degree and decided to apply. I’m really glad I did as I’m loving everything we’ve learned and experienced so far!! I’m really glad SALTsoc has been set up as it gives all four years of the degree an opportunity to contact each other easily. This means we can all expand our circles, socially and professionally beyond the 30ish people in every year! Meaning that in years to come, when we’re all qualified and practising, we will have a really wide web of support to reach out to, so I really hope SALTsoc takes off and lasts for generations of SLT’s!!!

Hong Linh Le

I’m Vietnamese, but I was born in Germany and came to Cardiff in 2009 to study Speech and Language Therapy. I became interested in speech and language therapy after doing linguistics for two years in Germany and because I love travelling, and getting to know different cultures, I decided to do the course in Wales before getting a job and settling down. I really enjoy the course, especially the placements and even though it was quite challenging at times, I do not regret this decision at all. Outside uni, I love cooking and photography and am a member of the Cardiff Camera Club.

Photos to follow…..



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  1. You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work

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