Lobby for our profession

Let’s help raise SLT awareness

We don’t like to remind you that with the current economic climate and employment opportunties decreasing, university graduates are finding it difficult to secure their first jobs.

The RCSLT lauched the Giving Voice campaign in November 2010 to shout about how important communication is  and how “speech and language therapy transforms lives”.

Now that the health and social care reform bill is asking for more major cuts in funding within the NHS, Aysha Siddika, a second year, wanted to do something to help spread the word about SLT.

Aysha says:

“The Welsh Assesmbly Government (WAG) receives its budget from the UK Government. The WAG then allocates money to Local Health Boards to cover the cost of running the NHS in Wales. The UK government is proposing major reforms in the way the NHS runs under the Health & Social Care Reform Bill. It is also asking the NHS to make savings of up to £20bn by 2014. While the Bill has some time to go until it is made into law, the changes it proposes are already being felt at a local level in terms of cuts to SLT services and provision.

We at SALTSoc are turning our attention to local authorities and the WAG as the centre of decision making here in Wales. We want to ensure that local councillors know what speech and language therapy is and what it involves so that it is at the forefront of their minds when making decisions about funding.

We are contacting local councillors and Assembly Members to raise awareness of SLT and to make them aware of our concerns about job prospects. We want to make sure that our voice is heard so please support us by contacting your local councillor (you can do this by accessing your local authority website) using the template letter.”

To find out who your local councillor is visit www.cardiff.gov.uk – click on ‘Your Council’ tab and then ‘Find your local councillor’.

Aysha has already made initial contact with:

Julie Morgan AM (Cardiff North)
Ed Bridges (Gabalfa)
Rodney Berman (Leader of the Council)
Kirsty Davies (Llandaff)
Ann Rowlan-James (Llandaff North)

and is awaiting replies. If she does not hear anything in the next couple of weeks she will try and get in touch with them a second time.

SALTsoc will be keeping up to date with any news or progress Aysha has in her efforts to promote SLT.

If you have found your local councillor and would like to get involved, beneath is a template letter you might like to use/adapt to make to make that first contact.

template councillor letter

Please note that we do not want to inundate one councillor with a hundred of the same letters so if you contact somebody please can you let us know so that we can add that person to the list. We want to create a cohesive voice for SLT at Cardiff Met rather than lots of individual ones.

Additionally, let us know if you hear anything so we can publish it on the website and let everyone know about your hard work lobbying for SLT.



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