Journal Club

This year (2012/2013), there will be a new online journal club for Speech and Language Therapy students.
A journal club:
  • provides a structured and realistic method of accessing the vast amount of research in any chosen area 
  • allows people to informally discuss their ideas and views on a particular subject
  • provides opportunities to network with peers and colleagues
  • enables you to stay current with best practices, trends and literature
  • increases your understanding of issues that impact on your profession and your service users
  • locates the best evidence on which to base your practice
  • strengthens your critical skills
  • encourages and develops your professional reading habits 


Many options of running a journal club were discussed. We were concerned that a traditional club which would meet once every six weeks would not work because of time commitments, workload and general stress levels associated with our course.
Therefore, in order to give everyone equal opportunity to participate, an online version has been created. This will enable you to add to the discussion as and when you can without the need to travel to university for meetings.
 In terms of other benefits, The RCSLT has informed us that if you reflect on what you have learnt from the journal club you can include this in your CPD. It’s never too early to get into the habit of filling these out (and would look great on your CV!).
 Additionally, being an active member of a journal club can be applied to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF).
You can read more about the benefits of getting involved and how to participate on the journal club community webpage.
To register with the community, click on the link at the bottom of this page.
A box will appear: ​
Then click SEND REQUEST.
This will send a request to the administrators of the site where they can then approve your request.
Due to the need for an administrator to approve your access, they may not be done immediately.  Please allow up to 2 days for access to the granted.
Access the Journal Club

2 responses to “Journal Club

  1. Hi I am a student at Newcastle University, would it be possible for me to join the journal club?
    Thanks, Sally

  2. Hi, I am a NQP and if possible would like to join the journal club.Many thanks, Graeme

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