Exams and Revision

That dreaded time of year has come again 😦 How do you revise? What technique have you found really helps you focus? How early do you start your revision? Is motivation a problem for you or do you just think ahead to exam free days and push on? Any hints and tips for those of us who are struggling?



The second years have just had a lecture on transition and I found it quite shocking how poor the support is – both for moving up a school and (especially) for moving from school to adult life. What changes would you make? Is there anything we can do to help make these changes?

NHS reforms

What do you think about the proposed/upcoming reforms?
Do you know how our profession will be affected?

RCSLT page
BMJ page

Help us plan for events

Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by telling us when you want events and what you want by completing these little polls.
We know we asked this at the start of the year but just incase your circumstances have changed…

If you said a few from above, please write which you’d do in a comment box. Really want to do something? Let us know!


How do you spend reading week?

Do you actually read during this week or do you think the time is better spent on something else?

How was your first few weeks back in uni?

How was your first few weeks on placement/in uni?

Post any thoughts, experiences or questions in response to this blog to share your experiences with other SALT students.

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