Aysha’s response…

Aysha received a response from Julie Morgan AM on 23rd April 2012:

Dear Aysha,

Thanks very much for your email about Speech and Language Therapy. I’m so sorry for the delay in getting a substantive reply back to you. My office has been receiving an unprecedented amount of correspondence of late and we are dealing with a bit of a backlog. My apologies for this and thank you for your patience.

As I’m sure you are aware, the Health and Social Care Bill has now gone through the UK Parliament and has received Royal Assent. As you may be aware, I used to be an MP (1997-2010), but now as an Assembly Member, I can only vote on matters in the Assembly. However, I certainly would have raised my objections if I had been in Westminster. I recognise just how important Speech and Language Therapy is — it is vital, as you say, for those who have had strokes, have cancer, progressive neurological conditions etc. It’s a lifeline.

I know that Speech and Language Therapists came to the Senedd a few months ago and I was sorry to hear then of the difficulty that many are finding in securing employment. I have written to the Welsh Government’s Minister for Health to express my support for SLT and to emphasise its importance.

Thanks for taking the trouble to get in touch about such an important issue and good luck with your studies at UWIC!

Best wishes,

Julie Morgan AM
Cardiff North

Aysha says that she will be pursuing this further after exams – the local elections will be over and she will contact all elected councillors to push the issue. She will also try to arrange a visit to uni to meet us all and hear what we have to say.

Has anybody else sent a letter?



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