About SALTsoc

So, why have we started a society?

Well, during this year’s RCSLT student study day we listened to three girls from Newcastle University talk about a student-led Giving Voice flash mob back in March 2011 (turn to page 7 of the link). The event was fantastic and involved SLTs, service users, families and students holding up their personalised speech bubbles in silence for all to read. It was so impressive and even gained media coverage. In fact, we couldn’t quite believe that it was entirely student led…there must have been help from grown ups somewhere?

But no. The Newcastle speech therapy society had organised it all and we said to each other “why haven’t we got a society?”.


What are our aims?

Our primary aim is to provide opportunities for all four years to socialise and get to know each other.

We also wanted to provide support in a more informal way than the university can.

Additionally, professional networking is important in this career so by getting to know each other we will be creating possible links for the future. For example, a fourth year may be a first year’s PE in a couple of years and you may find yourselves working alongside other members of the society when you graduate.

What kinds of things will SALTsoc be doing?

Things that have nothing to do with SLT!:

    • Regular socials
    • Pub crawls
    • Film nights
    • Book clubs
    • Day trips e.g. Oakwood, white water rafting, rock climbing, lazer tag, go ape etc.
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Summer ball
    • Meals and parties e.g. Christmas and Halloween.
    • Swishing parties
    • Craft/cooking nights

Things that are course/SLT related:

      • Journal club
      • Revision sessions
      • Peer mentoring
      • Book selling
      • SIGs
      • RCSLT study days
      • Tips for years below
      • Book recommendation



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